International Patient Department, designed as a “one-stop” service department, offers healthcare services from the day ofyour request until the time you return to your home country. Your international patient specialist will serve as your personal guide to BASKENT's world-class medicine. 


We can help you with the following services before, during and after your stay:

  1. Sheduling medical appointments
  2. Estimating the cost of services
  3. Assisting with visa procedures
  4. Assisting with international insurance companies
  5. Assisting with arrangements of accommodation
  6. Arranging transfer from and to the closest airport
  7. Assisting with hospital admissions and physicians
  8. Obtaining and delivering the copies of medical reports after consultations
  9. Assisting with the discharge and payment procedures
  10. Facilitating communication with the physicians of BASKENT after care